Microsoft Andromeda Could Be Launched With Telephonic Capabilities – Surface Phone Incoming or Just Another Always Connected PC?


An anonymous source has alleged that the latest prototype of the Microsoft Andromeda device will be accompanied by telephonic capabilities. However, it should be noted that Microsoft isn’t exactly planning to re-enter the smartphone market with the upcoming Andromeda device, but it could also mark the company’s foray into the ‘Always-Connected’ ecosystem that features Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered laptops with 4G LTE connectivity. It is expected that Andromeda will be launched towards the end of 2018.

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Microsoft’s patents have revealed that Andromeda is a foldable device with two screens, along with a code leak that we reported about earlier revealing about the existence of this machine. It has a live hinge mechanism which joins the two displays together to provide a seamless experience. Apparently, it could also be folded in a manner that the displays are facing back to back so it can be used as a handset. The screens can also be folded to make them face each other to put the device in standby mode.

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Microsoft could be trying to change the market landscape with Andromeda. It is apparently planning to come out with a hybrid Windows 10 device that can be used as a smartphone, a tablet, and a touch-based keyboard. One patent states that increasing the screen size of mobile phone will be counterproductive so perhaps that’s why Microsoft has taken a different approach.

Andromeda will be based on the company’s new Windows Core OS modular platform. The modular design will also allow the removal and addition of components. Andromeda will reportedly feature Andromeda OS, which happens to be a new adaptable user interface. This interface is scalable depending on the device you use and it is also possible that Windows will not slow down because of unnecessary processes running in the background.

It is too soon to say whether the Andromeda will act as a telephone too. It might be revealed during the upcoming Snapdragon developer conference being in December and it is expected that it will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest chipset meant for notebooks and 2-in-1’s, the Snapdragon 850.

News Source: Digital Trends