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MGSV’s ‘Quiet’ Stefanie Joosten Doesn’t Deny Death Stranding Involvement; “I Can’t Say” She Says


Stefanie Joosten, who played and modelled for Quiet in Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V, doesn’t deny that she has been working with Kojima again for his upcoming new title, Death Stranding.

Joosten was asked about her possible Death Stranding involvement during this year’s Dutch Comic Con, and while she didn’t confirm that she has been working with Hideo Kojima again, she didn’t deny it either. “Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about it”, Joosten answered in Dutch. The one asking the question replied that her answer should say enough.

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Rumors about Joosten starring in Kojima’s new game surfaced after the Dutch model and actress visited Guerrilla Games, the Dutch developer providing the ‘Decima’ game engine for Death Stranding, last year. Additionally, Hideo Kojima was briefly seen wearing a Stefanie Joosten cap during the lastest episode of HideoTube.

Death Stranding was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus, and Mads Mikkelsen will play the main protagonist and antagonist in the game.

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