Metroid Prime 4 Development Issues Were Due To Multiple Studios Working On It


Last week, Nintendo shared a new Metroid Prime 4 development video, confirming that development has started again from scratch, with Retro Studios now working on the game. Not much else has been said, but it seems like the development issues were due to Nintendo's peculiar approach to the game's development.

A few days ago, Game Informer's senior editor Imran Khan stated on Twitter that he heard that the big problem with Metroid Prime 4 development was MP4 development was Nintendo's experimental ad-hoc development process. Studios all over the world were working on the game, but not everything was going smoothly at the same time.

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For this reason, Nintendo choose to change its stance and let a single studio work on the game. Retro Studios wasn't picked automatically to work on Metroid Prime 4, as they had to submit a demo that the Japanese publisher liked. Not surprising, considering they developed the first three entries in the series.

Imran Khan also revealed that a Metroid Prime Trilogy is also launching on the Switch in the future. The collection was supposed to be revealed in December, but it has been delayed for unknown reasons.

Metroid Prime 4 is now in development for Nintendo Switch.