Metroid Dread Game-Breaking Bug to Be Fixed in New Patch Launching by the End of October

Francesco De Meo
Metroid Dread

A Metroid Dread game-breaking bug will be fixed by a patch launching by the end of this month, Nintendo confirmed today.

This game-breaking bug, which has been detailed on the Nintendo official website, forces the game to quit when players destroy a door while a map marker for this specific door has been placed on the map. Removing the marker before the door is destroyed will prevent the game from quitting. By the end of October, a patch will be released to fix this bug.

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Metroid Dread launched last week on Nintendo Switch worldwide. The game developed by MercurySteam is among the finest entries in the series, with only the story holding it back a bit, as highlighted by Rosh in his review.

If anything lets Metroid Dread down, it is the story. It feels tacked on at the start of the game and doesn’t offer anything in the way of characterization or growth, assuming you don’t count a vast array of collectible weaponry as such. Metroid hasn’t exactly been known for its storytelling in the past, and diehard fans of the series will most likely enjoy it nonetheless, but those less familiar will be expecting more. Games like Hollow Knight have proven that the genre has a great opportunity for storytelling, but it seems Metroid decided to avoid it.

But apart from that, Metroid Dread is a fantastic game, filled with old-school Metroidvania fun and some new exciting inclusions as well. The EMMI hunting grounds are hands down some of the most innovative and exciting parts of the game and prove that Metroid still holds powerful sway over the genre it helped build.

Metroid Dread is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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