Metro: Last Light Takes DLC To A Preposterous Level


Metro: Last Light is a successor to a very under appreciated FPS released a few years back, while DLC has caught on as a mainstream trend, Metro: Last Light has just pushed the final straw that broke the camels back. Ranger Mode is a difficulty setting that will truly give players the deepest experience of the horror segments of the game, but to avail it you either have to pre-order the game or buy it post-launch as for $5 which is absolutely absurd.

Want to play Metro: Last Light, "The way it was meant to be played"? you will have to pre-order it or buy it post launch.

We have seen some pretty ridiculous trends in DLC taking their toll in the world of video gaming as of late but the latest stab at DLC being done by Metro: Last Light truly deserves some attention. This is probably an unprecedented event in the history of gaming where a developer / publisher are pushing out a games difficulty as DLC, not even the kings of DLC, Capcom, were this cruel when they pushed "No Hope" for Resident Evil 6.

Ranger Mode was supposed to offer a complete experience, it was going to show true players of the game the true horror element at its finest and most cruelest, sadly the difficulty will not be part of the main game but will instead come attached as an in-game DLC that will come in the "Limited Edition" of the game for all the platforms along with a weapon and some in game items.

Metro: Last Light

If Ranger Mode is "The way it was meant to be played" then how come the difficulty isn't part of the main game instead of a purchase?

This is truly disappointing to hear, DLC should only apply to cosmetic items and not break the game completely, to have consumers pay for an additional experience of the same game under a new difficulty is absolutely unacceptable.

What do you say about this? Has DLC truly gone too far this time?