Metro 2033 is Being Made into a Russian-Produced “World-Class Blockbuster” Movie

Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro franchise is already well-known to gamers the world over, and now it’s coming to the big screen. Per a report from Variety, Glukhovsky’s first novel, Metro 2033, is getting a film adaptation. The movie is set to debut in early 2022.

MGM picked up the rights to Metro 2033 in 2012, but an attempt to make a movie fell through as producers wanted to relocate the action from Moscow to Washington D.C. This new movie version of Metro 2033 takes place in Russia and is being produced by Gazprom Media, the country’s biggest media conglomerate. No word yet on whether the movie will be shot in Russian or English, but it sounds like it will be one of the biggest movies to come out of the country. Glukhovsky himself promises the movie will be a “world-class blockbuster”…

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In Russia, I didn’t see any producers who could make a good [screen adaptation of] this book. It just seemed impossible. But now I finally met a team that I can entrust ‘Metro’ with. Our ambitions turned out to be similar: to create a world-class blockbuster and stun even those who have read the trilogy and know it by heart. So as not to disappoint them, I am ready to become a creative producer of the movie and help create it with both my advice and action.

We don't know who will write, direct, or star in Metro 2033, but it certainly seems like Glukhovsky and the film’s producers have some ambitious plans. 4A Games already set the bar pretty high with the Metro 2033 video game, so we’ll see how the movie measures up.

The Metro 2033 movie is scheduled to launch in Russia on January 1, 2022. A Western release has yet to be set. The Metro 2033 video game is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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