MemTestX86 Will Allow Users To Sort Out Bad DDR5 Memory Modules & DRAM Chips

MemTestX86 Will Allow Users To Sort Out Bad DDR5 Memory Modules & DRAM Chips 1

PassMark Software, the company behind the memory diagnostic tool, MemTest86, reveals a significant upgrade coming to utility, specifically for DDR5 memory. Now, users can see visual information on faulty memory modules and, in turn, allow users to track broken modules located in the individual memory blocks.

PassMark's MemTest86 Update Brings Module & DRAM Diagnostics for DDR5 Memory

PassMark Software disclosed on Twitter that "a new era of memory testing is coming to MemTest86." The new feature will allow for "direct identification of the bad memory module and the chip" on selected DDR5 systems. An example of the updated software is provided, showing the Crucial DDR5-4800 memory module and how an error would appear to users.

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The last update for PassMark Software's MemTestX86 tool was this previous January. It is anticipated that the new update will appear around the same time as Intel and AMD roll out significant desktop platform features and updates in the last quarter of 2022.

PassMark Software will release a V10 in two weeks, coinciding with AMD and Intel's newest releases. In the Twitter thread, the company describes that the reference system in the images is DDR5 and that a Z690 motherboard with an Alder Lake processor is combined with a DDR5 RAM DIMMs in dual-channel mode.

Image Source: PassMark Software (Twitter)

The company felt that the number of upgrades added justified a full version and not a different version to the already published MemTest86 (version 9.5). The biggest hurdle for the company was getting the memory address decoding functional. The company had to reverse engineer the software, which took over three months to accomplish, to support the newest DDR5 compatibility.

...a lot of trial and error and a large number of RAM sticks.

Intel will launch the new Raptor Lake-S series, the company's 13th Gen Core processors, and AMD launching their new Raphael Ryzen 7000 series processors very soon, with support for DDR5-5600 memory upon launch. Right now, users can download the current 9.4 1000 build for free on ComputerBase's website, but it will lack the discussed support for DDR5 to release in the next few weeks.

News Sources: ComputerBase, PassMark Software (Twitter)

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