MechWarrior Online to Feature Crytek’s CryEngine 3


Developers of MechWarrior Online, Piranha Games and Crytek have announced that the Free 2 Play Mech FPS Simulator would be powered by CryEngine 3.

Being a F2P title, Many players feared if MechWarrior Online would be a cheaper built than its predecessors however the Engine that powered Crytek's own Crysis 2 would be features in the game and the possibility of seeing DX11 Visuals and Tessellation effects in the game is pretty high. A Mod "MechWarrior: Living Legends" for Crysis 1 is also available if you wanna try out, Download here.

In a press release regarding the announcement, Piranha president Russ Bullock said, “Working with CryEngine is a true pleasure. It is definitely the best choice for us: Both the character animation pipeline with the procedurally and physics based animations and the destruction system fit our goals perfectly and allow us to develop a truly unique AAA experience based on the award-winning BattleTech Universe.”