Matterfall, a Unique Matter Filled Sci-Fi Action Game Announced


Housemarque showed off their newest game today in honor of their 20th anniversary. Titled Matterfall, it looks to be a very interesting sci-fi shooter that takes advantage of its namesake as an element of interaction and combat. Take a look below as a futuristic soldier battles it out against impossible odds, slinging matter around like a boss.

Matterfall lets you control matter to win the day.

Nothing more than the trailer was shown though it would appear to be a dynamic multiplayer focused game, at least as teased by the red and blue streams of "matter" in the logo. The backdrop looks interesting enough, as does the fluid gameplay, though it wasn't exactly an in-game trailer. In-engine maybe, but even that is unknown.

Regardless, the namesake element of control seems very interesting. Just imagine the things you'd be able to accomplish and even build to take down your enemies. Matterfall could be a very fascinating game. It'll be very intriguing to see future in-game trailers showing how that mechanism actually works with the controller.