Master of Orion is Returning Once Again, Announced For the PC

Veteran MMO publisher and NGD Studios has just announced that Master of Orion will be returning to the PC once again, 11 years after the third installment.

Master of Orion is coming back, bringing back the classic 4X strategy series with its incredibly rich take on galactic domination.

The new Master of Orion is going to resurrect the excellent titles from the 90's, striving to bring the franchise back into legitimacy after Master of Orion III failed to impress. Master has commissioned NGD Studios to take on the masterly task of rebooting such an iconic series. and NGD Studios have a very large task ahead of them, though perhaps the name has fallen by the wayside in recent times due to the poor reception of Master of Orion III. For the resurrection they plan on not sparing any expense, either. An orchestrated soundtrack by the original composer, voice-over work by well-known talent and impressive modern graphics hope to revitalize the series.

It won't be easy to compete with recent entrants such as Galactic Civilizations III recently being released that have gained traction in the genre very quickly. But they hope to differentiate themselves with fresh visuals and a notable mythos behind it.

If you're worried that this is going to turn out like any of the other properties (which are good in their own right), it's not. The goal is to bring back Master of Orion as a true 4X strategy game that mirrors the successful components of its past games and improves upon those that weren't so great. Master of Orion III was plagued with a clunky and unintuitive interface, poor graphics and horrible AI.

While we’ve made many improvements overall to the game, we’re confident that its classic and addictive gameplay will appeal to gamers no matter if they played the game years ago or are now just experiencing it for the very first time.

- Andrés Chilkowski, CEO of NGD Studios

There is currently no release date available, though it would appear that they are deep in the development cycle. Perhaps this will follow the path of other successful 4X strategy games and head on over to Early Access to allow the greater community to participate in improving. Unlike story based games, these potentially have tremendous amounts of replay value.


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