Massive Detailed Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak Pegs Device With Impressive Specifications

Ramish Zafar

As MWC in Barcelona draws nearer and nearer, we're getting to see Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks at an almost daily basis these days. After a bit of disappointing news yesterday that claimed that Samsung might be choosing to skip Qualcom's latest Snapdragon 810 for its flagship device, we ahve ore news today about the Samsung Galaxy S6 today, in the form of detailed alleged specifications of the device posted today.

365665fc2bc7977Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications Outed In Comprehensive Leak

After bit and pieces of information surfacing about the Samsung Galaxy S6 over the past month or so, today's leak claims to have detailed information about what can be expected from the device. The source of this information also claims that the information to be highlighted below is accurate and comes from a reliable source. Starting from the device's processor, the Galaxy S6 is listed here coming with a 14nm, octa core processor wth a 50% performance increase on board.

Screen size for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is pegged at 5.1 inches of QHD Super AMOLED, with a ppi value of 577. Its also listed with a night mode which, as the name suggest should adjust the display according to surrounding light for improved viewing. Rear camera for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is listed with a resolution of 20 MP coupled with Optical Image Stabilization on board. The front camera will 5 MP with real time HDR present on board.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming with three storage variants of 32, 64 and 128 GB. The battery listing for the device seems to be rather modest with a battery of 2550 mAh listed to come on the device. Built in wireless charging is also listed alongside fast charging that should give you four hours of battery life on a mere ten minutes of charge. Other features include a further confirmation of a metal and glass enclosure on the device as well as support for Cat. 6 LTE and Samsung Pay, a service that will utilize NFC terminals in a similar manner to Apple's Apple Pay. That's all we have for you today on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Sounds good and/or realistic? Let us know what you think in the comments section. Personally, for us, 14nm debuting on the Galaxy S6 is a little far fetched, so be very skeptic of the information above. Cheers.


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