Mass Effect – More Teasing With Tweets From The Team “Finishing Another Milestone Soon”

In the past the Senior Development Director - Chris Wynn, of the upcoming Mass Effect game has stated on twitter that "it's looking awesome", and the Creative Director - Mac Walters, has gone and asked fans via twitter what they would like to see in the upcoming Mass Effect. Now it's time for some more teasing from a team member, and this time it's a Producer on the Mass Effect Team - Michael Gamble, who says that the team will have finished another development milestone 'soon'.

"Oh, what's that? The Mass Effect team is finishing another milestone soon?"

Twitter is becoming more and more a place where developers actually talk a bit about the games they are currently working on, albeit in a quite secretive and teasing manner. It's not that often we do see new major info via twitter, but from time to time that happens as well.

Either way a Producer on the new Mass Effect game - Michael Gamble, seems quite pleased that the team has soon finished up another major development milestone, and he does actually mention that "timing is everything" when it comes to revealing more info about the game. And this could be seen as yet another confirmation that we will see something during E3 later on this year.


Usually in development, a milestone can be anything ranging from, implementing a new set of features into the game (for example the exploration component with the Mako), completing a whole level so that it is playable with all of the features, NPC's, mission/quest objectives and such, all the way to actually completing let's say, the first few playable zones and quest-lines that will be in the game.

So the milestone that Gamble is talking about could be any or quite possibly all of the above, since he sates that it gives them the opportunity to play through large parts of the game. Lastly Gamble responded to a question about why all this secrecy is necessary when it comes to details about the new Mass Effect game.  

I'm hoping that we will get some more concrete info on the next Mass Effect during E3 this year in June 16-18th.

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