Mass Effect 4’s Creative Director Asks Fans What They Want

Kimo Linder-Fattah

It has been hinted in the past that Mass Effect 4 might make an appearance during E3 this summer, and this might very well be true, and it sure would be great to see the game in action, or even just a cinematic trailer. And the Creative Director took to twitter earlier to point out that "it's looking awesome" so far.

Can It Be E3 Already so That We Get To See Some Mass Effect 4?

Bioware's Creative Director for the Mass Effect franchise Mac Walters sent out a tweet yesterday asking for some ideas on new features, systems or just gameplay in general. And as we can see below there are some pretty great responses, and it would appear that Walters enjoyed some of the suggestions as he re-tweeted them.

As we can see from all of the above tweets, there are a lot of suggestions, and I tend to agree with most of them, and with the return of the Gravity Defying Mako transport vehicle we might get to see tons of different exploration and side-quests, which is something that can be very nice if it's done right and doesn't feel like a chore.

We are looking forward to E3 in case Bioware has something to show.

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