Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.2 Fixes Gameplay and Visual Issues

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A new version of the fan-made Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch is now available for download, introducing a variety of gameplay and visual fixes.

The 1.2 patch, which can be downloaded from Mod DB, brings a variety of localization, gameplay, and visual fixes for the first Mass Effect, such as an issue where Shepard's shield bar does not show the current shield percentage, NPC's eye moving when they are dead and more.

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  • Fixed a localization issue where players who used Russian, French, or Polish subtitles with English VO would have LE1 Community Patch’s text in English instead of their chosen language
  • Fixed an issue where the pink and white visor bugfix was sometimes not applied to the mercenaries on Noveria
  • Also fixed an issue with the mod where the Preaching Hanar would not be visible if you purchased the evangelical license


  • Fixed an issue where Shepard’s shield bar does not reflect the current shield percentage and instead remains full when Barrier is active
  • The eye scanners worn on several NPCs are no longer completely transparent, and will display their intended texture
  • NPC’s eyes will no longer move if they are dead

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.2 also fixes specific issues encountered in the Citadel, on the Normandy, and more. Full details of these fixes can be found below.


  • Elevator news report on Citadel: Signal Tracking now plays at the correct time, instead of playing after the completion of UNC: Rogue VI
  • The keeper in the traffic control tower in C-Sec Academy is no longer floating in mid-air
  • Fixed incorrect lighting on one of the Normandy’s docking clamps
  • The Salarian C-Sec officer who attempts to arrest Anderson in the Citadel Control version of the Citadel escape scene is now wearing a C-Sec uniform


  • During the Eden Prime drop scene, Kaidan and Jenkins will now be equipped with the same armor and weapons that they have on the planet
  • Improved lighting in the conversation with Dr. Chakwas
  • Kirrahe’s men will no longer be floating in mid-air when seated in the Cargo Bay
  • Ashley’s hands will be on the keyboard when she is typing, instead of in the air above it


  • The colonist scripted to die when entering the tower will now have time to say his line before he is killed
  • Fixed an issue where conversation lighting would remain on for ambient lines in conversations with Fai Dan, Arcelia Silva Martinez, Julianna Baynham, Ethan Jeong, and Gavin Hossle


  • Fixed the journal text in Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan so that it does not say Anoleis has refused your garage pass until you actually speak to him
  • Fixed an issue where the rachni would not come out of the vents when returning to the Mira Core from the landlines

Uncharted Worlds:

  • Furniture in a prefab building on Chohe is no longer sunk into the ground
  • Mavigon: Changed League of One artifact map marker to read “Crate” instead of “Mummified Salarian”, marker shows up on map once scanned
  • UNC: Listening Post Theta: This mission will now be added to your journal when you approach the base if you do not already have it
  • UNC: Listening Post Theta: The Depot Sigma-23 quest will now properly be added to the journal when both Listening Post quests are completed
  • UNC: Listening Post Alpha: The Listening Post Theta quest will now be given to the player by Lt. Durand after you’ve fought off the rachni

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide.

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