Mass Effect 3 VGA trailer released

Dec 12, 2010 13:06 EST

After making its appearance on EA STORE Mass Effect 3 has now been given an official trailer at the SPIKE VGA's, The trailer shows that the Earth is in deep trouble, for those of you who don't remember the plot of Mass Effect 3;

Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth.

It looks like when Bioware teased their NOT so mysterious game I guess 80% of gamers were right spamming Mass Effect 3 across forums and websites. The game is probably going to have the same release date as Uncharted 3, i.e December 2011.