Mass Effect 3 preview: It all comes down to this


Mass Effect 3 is definitely one of the more anticipated titles of 2012, releasing on 6th March '12 this game will make fans across the world go crazy with joy. But now IGN has got a preview of Mass Effect 3 and they have been kind enough to share what the main focus of the game will be.

Mass Effect 3 will have you focusing on something a lot bigger than squad loyalty you will have to bring factions and join forces with aliens around the world to help stop the reapers once and for all. Mass Effect 3 is definitely a grand game to anticipate I mean just LOOK at the preview video, which other Mass Effect game had you look at certain points of interest at the press of a button (Yes it is a copy of Gears of War) and what's even more amazing that at certain parts of the game like at 0:48 you can see a great explosion which is NOT a cutscene and see's Shepard falling downhill. Mass Effect 3 will be like a Michael Bay movie except in the form of a game, you can expect lots of action, gun fights (If you are into guns) and LOTS of explosions.

I for one am wishing this game was still on the '11 train tracks rather than having to wait more months, I am really curious on how the whole reaper war turns out.

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