Mass Effect 3 Gameplay and Kinect Features Detailed at E3 2011

Bioware's CEO "Ray Muzyka" showed a brief gameplay of their upcoming Mass Effect 3 RPG game which would be the last title in the Epic Mass Effect series Trilogy. He also detailed the upcoming Kinect features such as "Voice" support in the game.

Making decisions has always been a vital role in the Mass Effect Series and voice recognition will make the gameplay even more immersive. A brief amount of gameplay was detailed which showed the same Salarian homeworld which we already saw in the pictures posted by Bioware here. We are met by Mordin (Mass Effect 2), This part showed the use of Voice recognition in making decision while later on in combat with Cerberus operatives, We can order commands such as "Take Position" or "Use -Power-" to our squad mates. You can check out the whole video of the conference below:

Mass Effect 3 is currently scheduled for Launch in Early 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Kinect Voice would be exclusive for Xbox users.

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