Marvel’s Avengers Next-Gen Console Upgrade and Hawkeye DLC Arrive Next Month


Next month will be a big one for those still playing Marvel’s Avengers, as Crystal Dynamics’ superhero game is finally getting its long-promised next-gen console upgrade and adding Hawkeye (the original Clint Barton version, not Kate Bishop) to the game’s roster. You can check out a quick trailer for the next-gen update, featuring footage captured on the PS5, below.

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Square Enix has not gone into specifics about what the next-gen update will offer, simply saying to expect “upgraded visuals and framerate, haptic feedback for each hero, significantly faster load times, improved destruction, and heroic detail.” I suppose we’ll have to wait for Digital Foundry or somebody else to dig in to get the resolution and framerate nitty-gritty.

Meanwhile, here’s a new trailer for Operation: Hawkeye update, which adds the titular archer and the new time-hopping Future Imperfect story mission.

If you have around 10 minutes to spare, you can check out the following deep dive video for more info on Hawkeye, or you can slide on down to read the pertinent details.

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Here’s what you’ll be doing in the Future Imperfect storyline

In Future Imperfect, a storyline inspired by Marvel Comics’ Old Man Hawkeye series and the Hawkeye “My Life as a Weapon” storyline, you will be taking Clint on a perilous journey to a future Earth and stepping into a new biome known as the Wasteland to find the missing Nick Fury, come face-to-face with the villain Maestro, and save the world. Did we mention his canine pal Lucky will also be featured in this Operation?

Hawkeye takes it to enemies with an array of different arrows, including grapple, boomerang, rocket, tripwire, recovery, and even the AI-guided Hunter’s Arrow variants. He also wields a katana, that can deal out heavy damage up close.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The full next-gen console upgrades and the Hawkeye DLC drop on March 13.