Marvelous Dungeons of Aledorn Screenshots Show the Landscape


Dungeons of Aledorn, a dungeon crawling RPG that has its roots in the classic RPG's of yore, has released an array of new screenshots that show off some of the beautiful scenes that can be expected within.

Dungeons of Aledorn has unveiled new screenshots that show some of the very detailed in game locations we can expect with the final product.

The main focus of Team 21's Dungeons of Aledorn is to recreate the classic look and feel of the dungeon crawling RPG's we've grown up with, but update them in ways that only serve to enhance the classic modality. They want to have a vast open world with turn-based tactical combat. It'll use a grid based system when in combat, allowing you to make use of all of your abilities and weapons to defeat your foes. Each situation can be approached differently each time, letting you adapt to every single situation. All of that hopes to bring a more complex and more difficult than usual game to the table.

Dungeons of Aledorn will therefore be a mixture of puzzles , branched dialogues, tactical combat, quests-solving and most of all – intriguing and complex RPG-system.

But it's more than just copying the historical RPG model that makes this game so exciting, it's the inclusion of support for Oculus based VR and a first-person view exploration mode that makes it unique and rather interesting. They want to add a measure of immesrion that their predecessors can't match at all.

Team 21 is currently on Kickstarter with 12 days to go and $26,080 out of their $60,000 goal. The team seems very passionate about their project and want to bring the best of all their influences into one single game. But that they accomplish such a lofty goal? Is that even possible? We'll certainly find out. Personally I'm excited about the Oculus VR support. VR in an RPG? Now this is something worth waiting to see how it's actually integrated.

They expect to be able to released on the PC sometime in 2016. No firm date has been set as of yet.