Many New Workouts Are Coming to Apple Watch, According to iOS 11 Beta Files

Uzair Ghani

If you're a fitness enthusiast and an Apple Watch owner, then you'll be pleased to learn that new workouts are coming to the wearable, according to files living deep inside iOS 11 Beta.

New Workout Types, Including Dancing, Skating, Bowling & More Are On their Way

At the time of writing, the Apple Watch is (somewhat) limited in what it can track and what it cannot during a workout session. Sure, it gets the job done, but it does not have options for certain specific workouts, such as skating, for instance. Thankfully, it seems as though all of that is about to change, if the iOS 11 Beta files are anything to go.

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Discovered by iHelpBR, the files contained within iOS 11 Beta hint towards the fact that new workouts are coming to the Apple Watch, hopefully in watchOS 4. Some of the workouts include the following: fishing, fencing, cricket, gymnastics, skating, bowling, dancing, jump rope, surfing, golf, climbing and a whole lot more.

Interestingly, even the latest beta of watchOS 4 don't have these workouts listed. Could this mean that these workouts are coming to Apple Watch users with the release of Series 3 of the wearable? There is a possibility. While at the same time, we cannot discount the fact that the above finding is a placeholder for something else entirely. For example, a tracker that latches onto the Apple Watch via the diagnostics port. There are a ton of possibilities here, but we have high hopes that things are going to be in the favor of those who already own an Apple Watch right now, rather than being forced to upgrade just to get the new benefits. Let's hope that notion stays true.

watchOS 4 and iOS 11 are set for release in a few weeks. The final version of the software is likely to arrive just before the new iPhone (and Apple Watch) starts shipping to users around the world. Till then, we are bound to be greeted with a bunch of leaks, rumors, discoveries and whatnot to keep the juices flowing.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about today's finding. Are you exciting that more workout options are coming to the Apple Watch?

News Source: iHelpBR

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