Manually Install Cydia If You Accidently Deleted It


Apple does not really want you to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod out of the boundaries that the company has already set. The only way to do this is Jailbreaking your Apple device and have all the tweaks and tricks that would help you make the most of your customization. All tips and tricks are updated with time so you can just head over to Cydia and install the tweak according to your need.

The only gateway to your device and tweaks is Cydia, but what if it gets deleted by mistake? Believe me you will be more than just sorry for the mistake you made. However, whats done is done, there are quite a few ways to install Cydia back manually. That's what we will be focusing on today. So lets head on to it.

Methods To Install Cydia Manually


If you want to get Cydia back to your device, you already need to have OpenSSH installed along with APT 0.6 and 0.7. The next thing that you want to do is type apt-get install cydia in the command and then press enter. After this type the command su mobile -c uicache and then press enter again. That's it! Your Apple device will restart and you will have Cydia installed.


Before your Cydia went missing you should already have installed iFile on your Apple device to get it back. Assuming that you have, go to one of these links in Safari:


This >

After you do this, browse to the latest version of Cydia and Save the file. Next, open iFile and install Cydia to your device. After its done, your device will reboot and once its back on, Cydia will be waiting for you on the homescreen.

Jailbreak Again

Since you have a jailbroken device, you would not be afraid to do it again. Hence Jailbreaking your device again might be the first thing that comes to your mind. Yes to all of those who came here to confirm whether your thought to jailbreak is correct.


This is a very simple way to get Cydia back. For all those who have A4 devices Redsn0w might be the best way to do so. Download Redsn0w's recent version and go ahead jailbreak. Make sure you do not jailbreak your device all over again so only check the Ínstall Cydia' box. This will get Cydia back in no time.

Thats all for the methods that would enable you to install Cydia back on your device if you deleted it either by mistake or intentionally (don't know why you would do that but still). That's that for now guys. Make sure you share this post to your jailbreak buddies and we will keep you updated for any further news.