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No Man’s Sky Coming to PC, Release The Same Day as PS4


The first ever annual PC Gaming Show kicked off with a full list speakers and guests, but they certainly did keep the best for last, in this case. Gracing the stage for the last segment was Hello Game's own Sean Murray, to give some very exciting news about No Man's Sky, the most anticipated game, well, ever.

No Man's sky will be released on the PC alongside the PS4 launch.

Quite frankly the PC is precisely the platform that a game as ambitious as No Man's Sky should be on. The idea of releasing No Man's Sky on the PC had been in the minds of the developers for some time, and finally the idea has been realized. We'll see the PC version at the same time as the PS4 version.

Sean Murray also talked a bit about the incredibly large vision they have for their game, something much more enthusiastic than they might have initially anticipated. Hello Games' small 10 person team is responsible for the entire development, but that's eased due to the procedural nature of it. Because the actual generation of the universe is being handled according to certain programmatic rules, so they only have to make the assets they wish to appear and not build each and every terrain or environment.

Interestingly, in order to test a procedural generated environment they create AI bots that sample and record environmental data to report. A No Man's Sky server is started, the universe generated and these bots fly off to travel to the locations and report back any anomalies. It's a really fascinating way to tackle the problems associated with procedural generation.

While it's bound to be interesting and exciting on the PS4, the PC will enable a whole new type of experience, a more in-depth and far more detailed adventure.