Got an Android, but find it of no use?


So you just bought a "Smartphone", but it doesn't really do much for you? Did you go wrong somewhere? Maybe. Can you correct this? Yes, Here's how..

While Android is touted to be the best platform for smartphones, most companies don’t offer Android bundled with the right apps, so effectively, you have a smartphone which won’t do everything you want it to, right out of the box. The regular apps are already there in the Market. The apps I offer, however, seem to miss the eye, even though they’re highly useful.

MXHome Launcher - Why this? (Free)

The first thing to change, your launcher! There are a lot of launchers in the market, but for showing off your Android, something we love to do, this is pretty much one of the best ones there for free. You could choose Regina Launcher too, but it doesn't run well till you have the high end Android phones. SPB Shell 3D, I would never pay for it.

Functional Alternatives - Launcher Pro (Paid &Free), GO Launcher EX, ADW Launcher EX(Paid & Free), Zeam, SlideScreen Pro(Paid & Free)
Show off alternatives - Regina Launcher, SPB Shell 3D(Paid)

Market Link: Click Here

MXHome Launcher       Market Link - MX Home Launcher

QuickPic - A Picture/Video Gallery like no other (free)

I've never come across a more efficient and quick Gallery app on the Android market. Does its job right, and faster than the stock galleries loaded on our phones.

Market Link: Click Here

QuickPic Gallery   

QQ Player - The VLC of Android (Free)

Throw any format at this video player, and it will play. Good options of sliding up and down for brightness and volume and left to right for the progress bar. Active developer, and you can choose to use hardware codecs or software codecs for video formats.

Market Link: Click Here

QQ Player Main Screen    


WidgetSoid - Customizable Toggle widget (Free)

We do have the Power Control widget, but well, its just that. WidgetSoid is a free widget app that can be customized to either provide toggles for bluetooth, GPS, Auto-sync, etc., or information tiles on your screen about free RAM, Free SDCard space, battery % and temperature, etc.

Market Link: Click Here 

  WidgetSoid QR Code

Tweetdeck - Twitter + Facebook love, minus excess data (Free)

While there are apps aplenty in the market feeding you your news feed and twitter streams, this one does it with considerably less data consumption, and also integrates both facebook and twitter feeds for you. If you are friends with people from various nationalities, this also integrates the translate function. Supports URL shortening, pic upload etc.

Market Link:  Click Here

  Tweet Deck QR Code

Arcus Dictionary - English Dictionary minus the internet (Free)

Well, there are many dictionaries in the market, but this one, while being free, also keeps the definitions on your phone. The result, use your dictionary, just everywhere and every time. Couple it with the included thesaurus and pronunciation if you have text to speech installed, its a sure shot winner at hand.

Market Link:  Click Here

  Arcus Dictionary QR Code

Last Call Widget - Dial your last dialed number, asap (Free)

Its one widget I use most, so I can dial the last dial number, while driving or otherwise, in a single click. Extremely handy when you have network jams around your place resulting in frequent call drops.

Market Link: Click here

    Last Call Widget QR Code


4Shared - Download anything you desire (Free)

Number 4 had to be 4Shared. An app for www.4. ! Need those songs, applications, ebooks, cracks, anything, its all in here.

Market Link: Click Here

   FourShared QR Code

TeamViewer - View your desktop, or help a friend remotely (Free)

I always wanted to check something on my desktop, or set a movie that finishes to download before I reach home. Here's the app, and it does it for free. You need to install the app also on your computer and there you go, remote access to your PC from anywhere.

For - Support for remote login, remote assistance for friends and family.
Against - Umm, no idea!

Market Link: Click here

  TeamViewer QR Code

Easy Filter - Manage your received calls & SMS (Free)

I always want only the few people that really matter to call me at nights, rest, you can wait till the next day. Easy Filter lets you do just that, without the tacky or troublesome interfaces. Block calls, SMSs, by either using it as a Blacklist or a Whitelist. You may even choose to automate the SMS reply to numbers that are blocked.

Market Link: Click here

   Easy Call Filter QR Code

Fast Reboot - Bury those task killer apps, try this!(Free)

The discussion over use of task killers might go nowhere, but frankly you don't need active task killers, its there inside Android. However, sometimes bad coding reaches into the app you have installed, that remains active in the background, killing your phone's battery life. Welcome Fast Reboot. It reboots all the apps on your phone, thereby stopping that one string gone wrong from screwing your phone.

Market Link: Click Here

Fast Reboot QR Code

Photile Live Wallpaper -
Show the big screen, please..!! (Free)

This app, is used best without probably a darkish wallpaper, and using the Slide theme in the options. The result is a beautiful effect in the background. I just can't stop myself from liking this LWP.

Market Link: Click Here

Photile LWP    Photile LWP QR Code

ColorNote - Edit your notes, and pin them to your desktop (Free)

Color Note is a simple notepad app. It give you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, email, message, shopping lists and todo lists.

Market Link: Click Here

   Color Note QR Code

Daily Expense Manager - Manage your expenses, all from your pocket (Free)

Keep a track of your expenses, all while filtering it into relevant categories. You can also export and import your expense sheet for use with alternate softwares and platforms. A nice app if you're money conscious.

Market Link: Click Here

   Daily Expense Manager QR Code

OS Monitor - Kill the Battery Drain (Free)

This app basically allows you to monitor the apps' CPU, network and other resource consumption while having a low footprint by itself. Feel the battery drain killing your phone, or a rogue app heating up your phone, here's your best bet.

For - Monitor where your phone goes wrong, Free!
Against - Not that I know of.

Market Link: Click Here

OS Monitor