Major PlayStation 4 Firmware Coming Around 29 March – PlayStation 3 Update Displays New Logo

Sony just released the PlayStation 3 Firmware update 4.70 for its previous gen console and as expected, the new update brings minor changes that we will discuss later in this article. Update through the Industry insider Twitter account Tidux is that the new firmware for the PlayStation 4 console is also on its way to release around the 29th of March. Just a few days ago, the blog manager for the PS4, Fred Dutton commented that the new firmware update is not far off and this just goes to strengthening the rumor that the new update for the firmware will be here in the upcoming month of March.

The Twitter account Tidux is an industry insider which has successfully leaked important information in the past and it confirms that the firmware is indeed coming and will feature many new updates making it one of the major firmware releases. The PlayStation 4 still lacks a lot of features in terms of its hardware capabilities which can take it a long way ad it'll be interesting to see which ones the PlayStation development team taps through this update.

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update is Online

The new update to the PlayStation 3 firmware brings minor changes including a new logo for the PlayStation Network and some seem to think that it is more in line with the current brading of Sony for the PlayStation. We'll let you be the judge:






The officially listed changes to the PlayStation 3 are as follows:

"Closed Captions are now supported for the Playback of Blu-Ray Disc titles and DVDs. To display closed captions, select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions]."

"The style used for for closed captions, such as the font, size and color, can now be adjusted. Select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions Settings]."

"The name and icon of [PSN™] were changed to [PlayStation™ Network]."

You can update your PlayStation 3 console by going into the settings and clicking on the system update option. Sony has taken a sudden turn in releasing new updates for its consoles. Obviously the PS3 is an older version of the console which would not be their priority and hence did not receive a major update which is expected for the PlayStation 4 console. Do let us know what you think of these latest changes in the logo and the sudden release of the PlayStation 3 firmware and news about the PS4 firmware aswell.

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