Mailbox for OS X Beta Rolls Out for Gmail and iCloud Users

Mailbox is one of the best, if not the best, email apps for iOS and Android devices. After a long waiting period, the Mailbox beta app for OS X has finally been released to the public. It's super fast and fluid, just like its mobile counterparts. But, as a beta, it still needs some polish before it can be come a daily driver for most people. We take a hands on look at the Mailbox desktop email app to see how it fares in regular usage.

Mailbox for Mac 3

Mailbox for Mac carries over the same design language from mobile to desktop and manages to make it look pleasing, rather than a thoughtless direct port. If you use your Mac with a trackpad, the app will feel buttery smooth and the swipe gestures will work just like they work on mobile. If you have already been a Mailbox user, you can just sign in using your Dropbox account and it will automatically sync your email accounts on desktop. If you're new to Mailbox, you can create a new account and add your Gmail or iCloud email address to get started. Mailbox has a straight forward user interface. You can see a unified inbox for all your email accounts or individual lists of emails from the accounts. You can also check out emails that you have added to a list, for example, follow up.

Mailbox for Mac Beta 2You can also snooze emails - this way, the emails will show in a folder called 'Later', and you will be reminded of them again, based on the snooze setting.Mailbox for Mac Beta

Other quick swipe options include archive and delete, which are self explanatory.

The app also supports useful features such as notifications, showing email count in dock icon, fast email search, full screen mode and more. Email fetching is almost realtime and loaded immediately.

As this is a beta, some features are still missing. You can’t change the font colors or size in email and there are no filters to see just unread emails. The search is fast but not as smart as OS X Mail app’s search so good luck with trying to find all emails from a particular person. Lastly, the number of emails that are loaded is very limited so you can’t search your complete email archive from the desktop. However, the first load performance for Mailbox is very fast so this is a compromise you can’t complain about.

Mailbox has a beta sign up list and if you wish to try the app, go ahead and sign up here. The sign up process is interesting as you will be sent a few ‘betacoins' via email which you have to drag and drop to the desktop to activate the beta.

The app is free so there is really no harm in giving it a try, as long as you are ok with a few crashes.

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