Apple’s Magic Keyboard Is More Expensive Than Regular iPad, and Only $50 Cheaper Than the iPad mini

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Is More Expensive Than Regular iPad, and Only $50 Cheaper Than the iPad mini

Alongside the 2020 iPad Pro, Apple also announced its new Magic Keyboard accessory, which comes with its own trackpad and allows the tablet to be set in a floating position. In other words, it can turn the slate into a fully-functional laptop replacement in a few simple steps. However, what you might not have noticed is its asking price. Well did you know that even Apple’s regular iPad, which is a complete tablet, is cheaper than the Magic Keyboard?

Is the Magic Keyboard’s Price a Complete Ripoff or Will It Provide Proper Utility for the Masses?

The starting price of Magic Keyboard is $299 for the 11-inch 2020 iPad Pro. If you want to experience more screen real estate, you’ll have to get the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and for that, you’ll have to purchase the bigger and pricier $349 Magic Keyboard. Needless to say, we can understand your frustration here after reading about how much you’ll have to pay because not only does Apple choose to incorporate the bare number of accessories with each iPad Pro model, it’s also charging a hefty sum for its accessories.

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Here’s a little reminder, both 2020 iPad Pro models can accept up to 30W of power but they only ship with 18W power bricks. To get that 30W charger, you’ll have to spend $49 on Apple’s website to get one. That isn’t exactly fair. What else isn’t fair is the fact that the regular iPad or iPad 7 for those keeping track is actually cheaper than the Magic Keyboard. The tablet is often seen discounted to $249 for the base model on Amazon or B&H, and it’s a proper compute that you can use to do a bunch of stuff.

Also, the iPad mini, or iPad mini 5, is only $50 more expensive than the Magic Keyboard, starting at $399 for the 64GB model. In fact, a lot of previous-generation flagships or current-gen Android mid-rangers can be had for the price of the Magic Keyboard. The rumored iPhone 9, or iPhone SE 2 is said to ship with a $399 starting price for the 64GB model, making it only slightly more expensive than an Apple-branded accessory.

We can go on, but you get the point. With that being said, do you think Apple is charging a little too much for something that’s just categorized as an accessory? Let us know down in the comments.

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