Mafia II in game footage arrives

Mafia II has been in great anticipation for those of us who wish to be part of the mafia but are either too young or too scared, Mafia II not only offers great story but will offer amazing graphics, gameplay and an amazing story line. Game play footage of the new game by 2K was leaked online and right now it looks absolutely amazing.

I like how they integrated the red screen of death which has become traditional in games like Uncharted 2 and Modren Warfare 2 instead of the old fashioned health bar, The gameplay mechanics are pretty good and unlike Grand Theft Auto it looks more interactive just like how you actually go inside a repair garage and actually see a mechanic work on your car. I can't wait for the final game to be released the first game had absolutely amazing gameplay and storyline.

The game will come on the Microsoft XBOX 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and even the PC, the PC version will utilize Nvidia PHYSX technology which will add a more realistic touch to the game just like what we saw in EA's free running adventure "Mirrors Edge"

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