Mad Max Gets Direct Feed Screenshots Using In-Game Photo Mode; Runs at Native 1080p on Both PS4 & Xbox One

Mad Max has been confirmed to be running at a native 1080p resolution on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. A set of some beautiful screenshots taken from the PS4 version using the in-game photo mode have been made available, and can be viewed in the gallery below.


Warner Bros. has recently made available the PC requirements for Mad Max, which will require at least 6GB of RAM, a 64-bit operating system, 32GB of free hard-disk space and a DX11 GPU.

Mad Max puts players in a post apocalyptic open world

Max traverses through "The Big Nothing", an unmapped volatile area. Max can eat small animals such as rodents and maggots in order to replenish his health. Mad Max will feature a crafting system which can be used to craft new weapons and tools. Max's garage can be used to change and modify the car's engines, chassis, wheels, body works, including paint treatment, and the "shell" of the automobile.

Players take the role of Mad Max, in a post apocalyptic world, in an action packed open world third person action game. Mad Max will feature a variety of weapons, of which the shotgun is Max's weapon of choice, but since ammo is scarce, melee options are the smarter way to go.

Mad Max will release on September 1 2015 in North America, with a European release to follow on September 4. We will bring you any news regarding Mad Max as soon as it becomes available.


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