MacBook Lineup Ranking Slips to Number 7 – Lack of Innovation & No Variable Priced Products Being Sold

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evil maid MacBook rank 7 in innovation and value

We can all agree that Apple’s MacBook family feature the best build qualities, trackpad and gesture combinations plus speakers and display on a notebook. However, there are several things that are still lacking from these portable machines. The latest scores are out related to the ‘Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2018’ report and while the tech giant’s MacBook series has garnered an impressive reputation, here are the things where it is lagging behind the fierce competition.

Latest Report States That the MacBook Lineup Score Lowest in the ‘Innovation’ and ‘Value and Selection’ Options

According to Laptop Mag, Apple received the highest score of any company for ‘Support & Warranty’ but here are the things that also make the brand bad. It obtained the lowest score in ‘Innovation’ and ‘Value and Selection’, putting it at the bottom of the pack overall.

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Laptop Mag’s ranking scale is based on a 100 point maximum, where 40 points are for ‘Reviews’, 20 are for ‘Support & Warranty’, 15 are dedicated for ‘Value & Selection’, 15 are for ‘Design’ while the remaining 10 are reserved for ‘Innovation’.

The top three brands were Lenovo with a score of 86, HP with 85, and Dell with 82. Sadly, because of a few misses, Apple came in at number 7 with a score of 72. This is actually a drop compared to last year because it achieved the number 5 position in 2017. Laptop Mag has highlighted the reasons below as to why it thinks Apple belongs in the 7th position.

“Hardware stuck in the sand: The MacBooks are good machines but saw barely any improvement, just minor speed boosts. Where’s the love for touch screens?

Minimal selection: Apple’s sole sub-$1,000 laptop is the company’s super-outdated $999 MacBook Air, and all of Apple’s other laptops start at $1,299, pricing many customers out of the land of the Mac.

Dongles, all the way down: You can’t get USB 3.0 ports on Apple’s modern Type-C-only MacBooks, while the MacBook Air has no Type-C ports, only a Type-A port.”

Do you feel that Laptop Mag giving Apple’s MacBook lineup an overall score of 72 was justified? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Laptop Mag

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