MacBook Pro With Magic Toolbar Leaks Before Event and Looks Quite Convenient

Omar Sohail
MacBook Pro

Just a day before Apple announces its MacBook Pro family, a new leak showing the company’s latest notebook in action with the Magic Toolbar has been leaked, and we have to say that it looks to be one of the most convenient features that we’ve ever seen from the upcoming notebook.

Magic Toolbar of MacBook Pro Indeed Replaces Function Keys of Keyboard – New Feature Shown to Be Highly Useful

Taking a look at the images, the new MacBook Pro will indeed be thinner than its predecessor because if you take a closer look at the keyboard layout, you will notice that there’s a reduced amount of travel between them, which is the same approach the company has used with its 12-inch MacBook. Here’s another thing that’s really exciting to hear about in the new leak. The new MacBook Pro has also been reported to feature the Touch ID sensor and it’s embedded next to the OLED Magic Toolbar. The image given below shows that Apple Pay is being used to complete a transaction and the finger is being used to authenticate that transaction through Touch ID, which is spectacular.

This effectively means that you will no longer need a password to unlock your MacBook, and will use the Touch ID to complete the command effortlessly. With macOS Sierra, you finally got Siri and now you have the Touch ID sensor incorporated as well. However, it’s not been disclosed how fast the sensor is going to be, so we’ll have to wait for that when the official announcement commences.

In addition to the MacBook Pro, which includes the 13.3 and 15.4-inch models, we should also see the 13-inch MacBook, which will improve the 12-inch MacBook lineup and while this is wishful thinking on my part, it is possible that Apple reduces the pricing of its 12-inch MacBook. It is also expected that the new MacBook Pro models and 13-inch MacBook will provide support for more flash memory for the same price tag, making it a very good solution for enterprises and users who intend on keeping their MacBooks for a long period of time.

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