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MacBook Air Refresh Could Get Announced This Month With Minor Hardware Upgrades With A Great Price Point


Apple could be upgrading its MacBook Air lineup, but as far as changes go, those details are currently hidden in the mist. However, when it says a minor upgrade, we have a few things in mind that could help the tech giant bolster its sales.

MacBook Air Refresh Could Come With A Type-C USB Port, But 11-Inch Model Could Be Removed From The Family

Let us tell you why we are under the impression that the 11-inch MacBook Air could be removed from the equation. With a 12-inch MacBook already announced, the 11-inch model features a lot less real estate compared to the remaining notebooks and the fact that Apple did not increase the RAM to 8GB in base model of the 11-inch MacBook Air provides sufficient evidence that the company might pull the plug on its production.

When they talk about minor upgrades, the company has developed an affinity towards Type-C USB ports, and aside from possibly being incorporated on the company’s MacBook Pro 2016 family, the 13-inch MacBook Air refresh could actually feature such connectivity. Apple has already stated that the base model of the 13-inch MacBook Air features 8GB of RAM, showing that the company still gives adequate love towards this lineup. What a minor upgrade could mean to some, could actually prove as a blessing to a ton of consumers.

MacBook Air

As for the rest of the specifications introduced by Apple when announcing its MacBook Air before WWDC 2016, the starting hardware features a 128GB PCIe flash storage, and can be configured all the way up to 512GB, if you require that much space. The 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM will be running at a speed of 1600MHz, and will give you more headroom in carrying out the more demanding tasks.

As for the processor, MacBook Air starts with a dual-core Core i5 chip running at a speed of 1.6GHz. The Turbo Boost technology of Intel’s processors will force the chip’s frequency to shoot up to 2.70GHz when required and the highest configured model features a Core i7 chip with a base clock speed of 2.2GHz. As for the battery life rating, Apple has stated the details below:

  • Up to 12 hours wireless web
  • Up to 12 hours iTunes movie playback
  • Up to 30 days standby time

MacBook Air 4The integrated graphics chip is an Intel HD Graphics 6000 and it provides support for a dual display and video mirroring. Another feature that comes along with it is the simultaneous support of full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 3840 by 2160 pixels on an external display. Unlike the 12-inch MacBook, the 13-inch MacBook Air features a multitude of connectors, and they have been listed below:

  • Two USB 3.0 ports (up to 5Gbps)
  • Thunderbolt 2 port (up to 20Gbps)
  • MagSafe 2 power port
  • SDXC card slot
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

With the MacBook Air already improved thoroughly, we expect that this minor upgrade will definitely up the functionality of the upcoming notebook. What do you guys feel will be a part of the notebook? Let us know your thoughts right away.