Mac Shipments in the U.S. Have Grown by 35% Year-on-Year with Apple Now Down to the 2nd Spot

Mac Shipments in the U.S. Have Grown by 35% Year-on-Year with Apple Now Down to the 2nd Spot

Canalys has just issued some estimates for the U.S. Mac shipments in the first quarter of the year, and this time around, we are looking at a mixed trend, especially when you look and compare Apple with other PC brands.

The good thing here is that Apple has experienced a drastic year-on-year growth of 35.7%. This was large because of the people studying and working from home during the pandemic and being able and willing to spend more money on having good quality and up-to-date hardware.

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Apple Macs Have Performed Consistently Well Despite Falling to the Second Position

Canalys has pointed towards a strong growth across both PC and tablet markets, and this is what they have to say.

The PC market in the United States grew 73% year on year in Q1 2021, with total shipments of desktops, notebooks, tablets and workstations exceeding 34 million units. Notebooks and tablets led the way with impressive growth, while desktops lagged amid weak demand during the pandemic. Notebook shipments grew by 131% year on year, driven by order backlogs and continued demand to support remote work and education. Meanwhile tablets performed well, with 52% growth and 11 million units shipped as demand spilled over from the Q4 holiday period.

However, not all is good; Apple's market share in the computer market has fallen from 25% in Q1 2020 to 19.5% in the same quarter this year, a small fall from the first to the second place. This reflects the substantial growth in spending on PCs across various brands, and for every person willing to spend money on a Mac, four people opted for Windows-based machines.

HP led vendors in the US with over 7 million devices shipped in the region, driven by fulfilling commercial backlogs and strong Chromebook performance.

For the first time since Q3 2019, Apple lost its position as the top PC vendor in the US (including tablets), despite posting 36% growth. Nevertheless, Apple performed well considering Q1 tends to be a weaker quarter for Mac and iPad shipments.

Lenovo and Samsung both recorded incredible growth at 93% and 116% respectively. Much of the record-breaking growth over the past year occurred due to the surge of Chromebooks for education alongside 92% year-on-year growth in the consumer segment.

Third-placed Dell saw shipments increase by a relatively modest 29%, due to its weaker position in the consumer and education segments.

According to Canalys, there are three reasons to expect the U.S. Mac and PC shipments to remain strong. The first one is supply constraints, which means that there are still existing demands waiting to be fulfilled, and measures are being taken to tackle the global chip shortage.

The second reason is the White House's $2 trillion infrastructure plan that will boost public spending, including PCs and Macs. Last but not least, many companies are not planning a full return to the office, which means that the demand for home working equipment should continue to rise even as the pandemic is now easing.

You can read the entire report by Canalys here.

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