M2 MacBook Air Benchmarks Are Out, Beats The Base Model of the Mac Pro Tower

M2 MacBook Air Benchmarks

Apple announced the redesigned MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro models earlier in June with its latest M2 chip. While the M2 MacBook Pro is out and running, the MacBook Air pre-orders just went live with the delivery date set for July 15. Apple's new M2 chip features enhanced performance and battery life capabilities on the MacBook Pro and now it is time to see how it stacks up against the M2 MacBook Air in benchmarks. Scroll down to read more details on the notebook's single and multi-core scores.

M2 MacBook Air Benchmarks On Par With M2 MacBook Pro But Outperforms Base Mac Pro Tower

The latest Geekbench 5 results are spotted by Mr. Macintosh on Twitter for Apple's latest M2 MacBook Air with 16GB of unified memory. The M2 MacBook Air features a single-core score of 1,899 and a multi-core score of 8,965. The M2 MacBook Air benchmarks reveal that the scores are more or less the same as the MacBook Pro model with an M2 chip. This means that both models will virtually feature the same level of performance.

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However, since the M2 MacBook Pro houses better thermals it does pose an advantage when it comes to demanding tasks and workload. The M2 MacBook Air benchmarks also reveal that it beats the base model of the Mac Pro tower with an 8-core Intel Xeon W processor. The best part of the comparison is that it costs a whopping $5,000 less. While it is not a direct comparison between Apple silicon, it is great to see that the company is headed in the right direction.

M2 MacBook Air Benchmarks

At this point, we are not familiar with the internals of the machine. We would have to wait and see the teardown of the notebook to conclude if it is indeed faster than the M2 MacBook Pro in real-world usage. The M2 MacBook Pro houses a single NAND storage chip and compared to the dual NAND chip on the M1 MacBook Pro, the latter outperforms the latest in real-world tests. However, the single NAND chip is only present on the base model of the new MacBook Pro with an M2 chip.

We will share more details and benchmark comparisons of the M2 MacBook Air as soon as further details are available. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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