M1 iPad Pro Unboxing and Reviews Are Here; mini-LED Screen, Performance Praised, but Software Holds the Tablet Back Immensely

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M1 iPad Pro Unboxing Videos and Reviews Are Here; mini-LED Screen, Performance Praised, but Software Holds the Tablet Back Immensely

The M1 iPad Pro unboxing videos and reviews are here, and it is not surprising that critics have immensely praised the tablet for being a beast in the performance department. Others state that the mini-LED screen, which Apple calls the Liquid Retina XDR, is a massive upgrade, while also mentioning that the slate is held back by iPadOS.

One M1 iPad Pro Review Says Apple’s Flagship Is Not Competing With Other Tablets, but Against the Mac

Almost everywhere, the M1 iPad Pro has been praised for packing such incredible performance in a package so thin. Unfortunately, it is unable to harness the performance of the M1 as iPadOS makes things limited for users.

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The Guardian says there are limitations when replacing it with a laptop, but otherwise, it is the best tablet Apple has ever made.

“The 12.9-inch iPad Pro for 2021 is quite a device. It has one of the very best displays, making it killer for video. It has a lot of power with the M1 chip and a reliable nine-plus hours of battery life. It even has Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and optional 5G.

However, at the end of the day it’s still just an iPad, which means dealing with some limitations as a computer replacement compared to a similarly priced laptop. But it is the sort of multipurpose device that becomes invaluable, whether it’s for the best-in-class video calling experience, the broad media app support or even the novel uses such as tennis coaching, art production or even video editing.”

Gizmodo too says that hardware for the iPad Pro is a ‘non-issue’, and that the tablet is not competing with other products in its weight class, but is fighting against the Mac instead.

“The iPad’s hardware is a non-issue at this point. Apple’s tablet gets better with every iteration, and the M1 iPad with miniLED display is truly impressive. There are no other tablets that can compare.

But the iPad Pro isn’t competing against other tablets. It’s competing against the Mac. And though the iPad is very, very capable, its software often feels hamstrung compared to the Mac’s. I give this example all the time, but my most-used app is Airtable, a project management tool I use for my job all day every day. The iPad app looks and works perfectly, just like the Mac app, until I have to do a random task and it boots me to Airtable on the web, which would never happen on the Mac.”

The review from CNET is consistent with the others, praising everything the M1 iPad Pro has to offer but criticizes the software.

“The 2021 version of the hardware is beautiful, perhaps perfected (except for that camera placement) and expensive. And I can't say what Apple's software plans will really do with it. How unleashed the new Pro becomes factors into how much you might want it. Or need it. But at the moment it's a very, very pleasant sports car of a tablet indeed.”

You can check out the unboxing and review videos below and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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