LG V30 Plans to Make up for G6’s Snapdragon 821 With Very Powerful Internals

Omar Sohail
LV V30 Snapdragon 835 rumor

The announcement of G6 might be a disappointment for consumers who wanted to see a Snapdragon 835 running inside, but it looks like the manufacturer is going to make up for them with the announcement of the LG V30. Rumor has it that the successor to the V20 is going to sport very impressive hardware, which we’re assuming will be sufficient to overshadow the G6.

LG V30 Has Been Rumored to Come With a Next-Gen SoC Coupled With Ludicrous Amount of RAM

A rumor out of China states that the upcoming LG V30 is going to feature a Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM. Since the upcoming phone has been reported several times to come with a Snapdragon 821 coupled with 4GB of RAM, it is only logical that the manufacturer separates the two flagships in terms of hardware. Due to Samsung hogging the initial Snapdragon 835 shipments from Qualcomm, other firms including LG were left high and dry and were forced to settle for chipsets that were present in phones announced in 2016.

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Though it is not a big deal, since the average user will hardly see the benefit of running a 10nm FinFET SoC inside their phone, there are the enthusiast-grade consumers who want the best of everything. Looking at the V20 and how it was one heck of a flagship and also catered to audiophiles thanks to the presence of a Quad DAC chip, we’re under the assumption that the LG V30 is going to feature an improved DAC chip and could retain several properties rumored to be found on the G6.

This would range from a premium metal body that features a non-removable battery. Though non-removable batteries in smartphones have become a norm, this closed door makes way for several opened ones. The ‘open door’ features for the V30 could include IP68 water-resistance paired with support for wireless charging, a dual-camera configuration, a large battery capacity and running either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

For now, take the rumor with a bucket of salt and we’ll update you on the rest.


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