Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets an Appropriately-Spooky Release Date

Eager to bust out the ol' Poltergust for another round of ghost hunting? Well, you won't have to wait too long, because Nintendo has just announced a rather appropriate release date for Luigi's Mansion 3 – the green guy's latest spooky adventure drops this coming Halloween! You can check out a brief new teaser trailer, below.

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Haven't been keeping up with Luigi's Mansion 3? In addition to giving the series a new HD coat of paint, it adds co-op play to the mix with the gelatinous new sidekick, Gooigi. I recently got to go hands-on with Luigi's latest and ask Nintendo a few questions about the game's varied world, multiplayer modes, and...what flavor Gooigi is? Check out the full interview here, and some of my thoughts on the game, below.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 developer Next Level Games have produced another very-nice-looking game. Perhaps not in terms of pure numbers of polygons pushed, but the game drips with personality. As in past entries in the series, Luigi’s feels like a living, breathing character, with all sorts of little quirks, ticks, and unique animations.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel, opting for a number of small refinements to the series’ formula. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – despite it’s reputation, Luigi’s Mansion was always a fun, unique experience, and this latest entry in the series ought to make busters feel good all over again.

Luigi's Mansion 3 sneaks onto the Nintendo Switch on October 31. What do you think? Does Luigi's latest look like a Halloween trick or treat?

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