Never Lose Your AirPods With iOS 10.3’s ‘Find My AirPods’ Feature

Find My AirPods

If you are a proud owner of AirPods, then you will be pleased to learn that iOS 10.3 comes with a brand new feature called 'Find My AirPods.'

Find My AirPods Feature Will Show You On a Map Where Your Earbuds Are

AirPods are truly magical, according to Apple. But the potential to lose either one earpiece, or both of them is rather high, all thanks to the sheer size of the accessory itself. But thankfully, Apple realizes this very well and has baked in a new feature with the newly released iOS 10.3 beta software for iPhone and iPad devices called Find My AirPods.

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If you are thinking that Find My AirPods is a dedicated app, then don't be mistaken at all. It's a part of the Find My iPhone app, where your AirPods are listed alongside other Apple devices associated with your Apple ID. Once displayed on a map, you can choose to send a ping to either one of your AirPods' earpiece to find a misplaced unit. The ping eventually gets louder, making things easier to find.

Keep one thing in mind though: this feature only works if your AirPods are connected to one of your Apple devices, and that device is connected to an active WiFi network. There's no way you will be able to find your lost AirPods if you managed to forget them in the subway or your local Starbucks. Basically, Find My AirPods is meant to be used in an environment that is more or less like your home or workplace. Out in the wild it's basically useless. Still, it's better than having nothing at all, and having a tool to find a misplaced AirPods earpiece is only going to go down well with users.

Currently, iOS 10.3 beta is available to developers and we are certain the public beta of the software will be available in due course for everyone to try out. The final version of the software, on the other hands, is obviously weeks away. Until that drops, you may go ahead and try Apple's latest OS for mobile on a test device.

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