Lords of the Fallen: Game of the Year Edition Coming This June

Lords of the Fallen, the dark and engaging fantasy action role-playing game released in October of last year, is getting the game of the year treatment. Deck 13 confirmed that we'll see the new edition this June.

Lords of the Fallenyea

Lords of the Fallen: Game of the Year Edition set to be released on June 26th on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC.

As is standard for the GOTY editions of most games, Lords of the Fallen will include all of the DLC available up until now plus two separate add on packs as well. All said that's a lot of content, and there will be new weapons and armor that are exclusive to the GOTY edition as well.

  • Ancient Labyrinth DLC
  • The Monks Decipher DLC
  • Lionheart Pack
  • Demonic Weapons Pack

While the setting and story were somewhat generic, the slow and methodical combat and the unique character progression and experience system made it quite the challenge. Dark, gritty and violent, yet mired by bugs and crashes. The GOTY edition, however, with all of its DLC and all of the updates since release should be quite a bit better of a ride. If you've been holding out on trying Lords of the Fallen, then the GOTY edition just might be what you're looking for.

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