Lords of the Fallen Dev Deck13 Enters ID@Xbox, Four Titles Coming To XBox One

Archie Paras

Deck 13 the German studio behind last year’s hit Lords of the Fallen, sent out a press release today stating that they are now an official Xbox publisher. Deck13  stated that they have four titles lined up to be released on Xbox One which will be officially announced “soon”.

Deck13 is entering the ID@Xbox program, as confirmed by Agostino Simonetta (the European manager of ID@Xbox) on Twitter.
@janklose announces that @Deck13_de is now an @ID_Xbox publisher, bringing 4 titles to xbox One.

Jan Klose, CEO & Co-Owner of Deck13 talked about indie developers:

Deck13 invites developers to get in touch if they would like to give their project some extra support. We want to strike a fair deal with all our partners. We want to be seen as supporters and friends, as game enthusiasts, and not as a traditional publisher.

Florian Stadlbauer, CEO and Owner, stated:

Setting up Deck13 Games is a fundamental change within the company. Now we can finally provide great games directly to the gamers as we always envisioned it. Due to the awesome line up we are absolutely convinced that this strategy will push Deck13 a huge step ahead.

E3 2015 would be the perfect time to announce the four titles, which makes the Microsoft press conference seem even more exciting. With so many surprises announcements incoming as well as some gameplay demonstrations for already announced titles, it's certainly a pretty good time to be an Xbox fan.

It would be interesting to see whether any of Deck 13's tiles make it to the PC, as cross-play and cross-development is promised from Microsoft.

Lords of the Fallen was a pretty good title, and an exclusive developing environment and Microsoft resources would definitely allow the developer to achieve even better results. Deck 13 could have some very interesting titles in store for Xbox One owners.

We will bring you any new information on Deck 13 and Microsoft as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous Xbox coverage for more, here and here.

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