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Lord British’s Shroud of the Avatar on Display at E3


Richard Garriott will be showing off the latest build of his latest masterpiece, Shroud of the Avatar, at E3 this year. All of the most up to date features included in the game will be showcased, including some very fascinating aspects recently included.

Shroud of the Avatar's latest features will be demonstrated at E3, including a community sponsored hot tub party, in-game.

Completely player owned and operated towns, with player controlled economies and shops will be a big part of the demo at E3. Also on tap will be a selection of community based events that show just how players can interact with each other in-game. There will be plays, an Avatar radio station, the ability to conduct town-wide speeches reminiscent of town criers, and perhaps the most important community hosted event of them all is the hot tub party. That's right, hot tub parties will be one of the more idiosyncratic ways to interact with your fellow players.

Perhaps the most notable feature that's going to be shown during E3 is the exhaustively integrated astrological and calendar system with celestial bodies that actually have an impact on the game itself. How this works and how significant the impact can be is unknown, but we'll try to get a demo of these features at E3 and see just what this astrological system entails. I believe that this will be a gaming first to have something like that included.

Razer has also been involved with many in-game promotions and have the Death Adder Cloak available in-game. There is also an character named after the found of Razer, Min Liang Tang, and if you wear the Death Adder Cloak in his presence you'll be handsomely rewarded.

Shroud of the Avatar has made some very compelling progress within the past few months, leveraging the very talented developers of Portalarium under the direction of Lord British (Richard Garriott) himself to make an open world RPG that differs from the norm. The idea is to bring back the best elements of the Ultima series and evolve them to become modern masterpieces. They've been able to raise $6.5 Million so far since they launched their Kickstarter in March of 2013.

We are so grateful to our backers who continue to support us and provide source material for the game, like art and music,” said Garriott. “This is truly a community effort as our backers continue playing Shroud and providing us with valuable feedback each and every month. And with each passing week the game grows closer to what I dreamed it would be, a sandbox fantasy world, not unlike the games I created when I first started as a designer. I invite everyone who remembers those worlds we created to give Shroud of the Avatar a try.

-Richard Garriott (Lord British)

Currently Shroud of the Avatar is available as an Early Access Title where you can enjoy regular updates to content and quality.