Long War 2 Mod Coming Soon to XCOM 2 on PC


War never ends. 2K and Firaxis Game officially announced that Long War 2 will be coming as a mod for XCOM on PC.

XCOM 2 has recently received controller support for the PC along with a Tactical Co-op mod for 12 players cooperative play. The Long War mods have been some of highest subscribed and downloaded mods for XCOM 2 since the game's release.

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Long War Studios, the team responsible for all those amazing Long War mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within, is now going by the name of Pavonis Interactive. They've even launched a new site where they made the announcement.

Pavonis Interactive Design Lead John Lumpkin wanted the name change "to mark that the company's future work will go beyond modding XCOM and focus on developing independent original titles, including Terra Invicta, a grand strategy alien invasion game. Going forward, though, "Long War" will remain exclusively linked with the XCOM franchise.

The Colorado-based studio has worked a number of incredible mods including the recently released AlienPack mod that added a number of new enemies or the LaserPack which unlocked an entirely new tier of weapons for your forces.

XCOM 2 is out now PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation. Unfortunately, the Long War 2 mod was only announced for the PC as none of the other platforms support mods for this game.

Make sure you check our review of XCOM 2 where Alessio explained the game's improvements while noticing some disappointing performance issues (that have since been lessened):

Firaxis managed to improve upon the already great Enemy Unknown in almost every way, with the exception of multiplayer. Unfortunately, the shockingly bad performance prevents XCOM 2 from reaching the status of a true masterpiece.