Logitech Crayon Now Available – an Apple Pencil Alternative that Costs Just 50 Bucks

May 16, 2018

Remember the Logitech Crayon announced alongside the iPad 6? Well, it's now available through Apple's educational channels right now.

The Logitech Crayon Does Everything the Apple Pencil Can But You Can't Buy it Anywhere - it's For Schools Only

With the announcement of the iPad 6, it was fairly obvious that Apple is doing everything it can to put its prized tablet in every classroom. In doing so they not only announced an upgraded iPad over last year's iPad 5, but also took wraps off an Apple Pencil alternative that is half the price and available to schools who may want to deploy the new iPad in their classrooms. It was originally stated to launch in this Summer but it seems as though Apple is giving every school a head start.

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Priced at just $49.95, the Logitech Crayon is pretty cheap and will definitely serve as a tool for the younger generation to dive into the digital world. While all of that sounds great, but keep one thing in mind: the Crayon will not be available to regular consumers. It is for schools only. If you are hoping to spare 50 bucks thinking that you'll get this instead of the Apple Pencil, then you'd be mistaken. So yes - schools only.

Unlike the Apple Pencil, the Crayon has a, well, crayon like design that keeps it from rolling off the table and eventually get damaged. Interestingly, it does everything which a regular $99 Apple Pencil does but half the price point. It even has tilt detection, pressure sensitivity and more.

if only this was available to us mere mortals.