Lively Is A Free App For Converting Live Photos Into GIFs / Videos


We have stumbled across a new app called 'Lively' that converts your iPhone 6s Live Photos into GIF and video format, and the piece of software happens to be free as well. More details and download link can be found right here.

iPhone 6s live photos

As we slowly move into the future, we are coming across apps that allow us to convert Live Photos (an iPhone 6s exclusive feature) into animated GIF images and videos on the App Store. Just a few days back, we told our readers about an app called Live GIF which serves the purpose quite well of converting Live Photos into GIF images and videos, but the app is a paid offering, asking users to stump out a dollar to get the ball rolling. But Lively is a free app which does the same thing without the users having to throw in a dime. Well, almost.


Just like Live GIF, the Lively app serves the purpose quite well and is well optimized for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The developer even went the distance in adding 3D Touch support to the app, allowing users to Peek and Pop into Live Photos if they are viewing their gallery in thumbnail mode. Furthermore, the Lively app also allows users to set the length of the animated GIF, giving them total control over their end result. And since the app supports 3D Touch, hence you can just force touch on the app icon from your home screen and dive right into making a GIF or a video out of a Live Photo.


While it sounds too good to be true, and it is, there is one catch in the entire deal: the 'free' part of the app only allows exporting up to 3 images after which you'll be asked to stump out $1.99 for unlimited usage. But still, if you're looking to not go beyond that limit, then Lively is a great option.

If price is your top most priority and you want to get things done for free, then there's a route of doing things manually. And we have the complete tutorial on how you can convert Live Photos into animated GIF images right here: Convert iPhone 6s Live Photo Into A GIF – How To Tutorial.

The Lively app is free to download, and you'll be required to pay $1.99 if you want unlimited exporting capabilities, as we mentioned above. You can download the app directly from the App Store by click on this link.