A List Of The 16 Top iOS And Android Apps Released So Far This Year

With the first half of the year already over, we've seen a lot of new releases in the tech world. These range from Android L to the iOS 8 being announced. However, both the operating systems wouldn't be the same without apps being there to supplement them. So we've compiled a list of the 16 Top iOS and Android Apps released this year to help you get the best out of your devices. Enjoy.

No. 1: Ringo

For: iOS, Free Of Cost.

Ringo is a free app available for Apple users only. It lets you make low cost calls to a number of international locations.

No. 2: 1Password

For: Android (trial version free) iOS ($17.99)

This compact app lets you save all your passwords so you won't have to enter them every time you sign in to different sites.

No. 3: Helpouts

For: iOS (Free), Android (Free)

Need help with any topic? Think an expert could help you out? Helpouts lets you connect with experts about almost any topic, any time.

No. 4: Udemy

For: Android (Free) iOS (Free)

Udemy is the largest portal on the internet for online classes. Now with it's mobile version, you can be sure that you're connected to your chosen courses, on the go.

No. 5: Beats Music

For: Android (Free) iOS (Free)

Tired of online classes? Use the Beats Music app to access a huge music catalog and a top notch recommendation system.

No. 6: Mailbox

For: iOS (Free) Android (Free)

Mailbox completely customizes your inbox and lets you manage your mails with much ease. It comes with features such as snooze emails for later, view emails in a chat like manner etc.

No. 7: Google Camera

For: Android (Free)

Want to enhance your picture taking experience on your Android device? Google Camera is just the app for you then.

No. 8: Duo Lingo

For: iOS (Free) Android (Free)

Duo Lingo lets you get the basics and more of any language out there based on crowd sourced translations.

No. 9: Medium

For: iOS (Free)

Medium is an online portal for creative writers, full of collections of stories for your pleasure.

No. 10: Retrica

For: iOS (Free) Android (Free)

Want to add further enhancements to your photos? Add a little vintage or classical touch? Retrica is the app for you.

No. 11: Slidelock

For: Android (Free)

Want to get notifications on your android device but don't want to bother with opening the screen lock? Slide lock is just the app for you.

No. 12: Carousel

For: Android (Free) iOS (Free)

Carousel is a great app to consolidate all of your pictures and videos into a single, easily accessible place.

No. 13: Moju

For: Android (Free) iOS (Free)

Moju is a great app for all of you out there wanting to bring your images to life but in a simple manner.

No. 14: Rec.

For: Android (Free)

Rec. is a great app to record on screen videos on your Android device.

No. 15: Office For iPad

For: iOS (Free)

Office for iPad now allows the productivity and features offered by Microsoft's Office for your Apple iPad,

No. 16: Fantastical 2

For: iOS ($9.99)

Fantastical 2 now allows you to add voice recordings and voice recognition to your events and has an improved interface.


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