Link to the Past-Inspired UE4 Engine Game Airoheart Receives Time-Limited PC Demo


The upcoming Final Fantasy and A Link to the Past-inspired game, Airoheart, has received a PC demo on Steam.

Created by developer Pixel Heart Studio and published by SOEDESCO, Airoheart runs in Unreal Engine 4 and has been in development since 2018. The game offers real-time combat in an enchanting open world and takes clear inspiration from classic titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the older Final Fantasy entries. “Airoheart is a top-down action-adventure RPG inspired by the classics”, the description reads. “Embark on an epic journey to save the world from evil and test the strength of your heart in this emotional tale of betrayal, tragedy, and redemption.”

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Airoheart is an ode to the deep and emotional story telling of the Final Fantasy series, whilst also adopting the style and charm of early classics from The Legend of Zelda series. It's graphical art style and music are heavily inspired by such franchises with the core gameplay elements closely resembling that of 'A Link To The Past'.

It embraces old-school real-time combat situations mixed with puzzles and platforming sequences, all from the much loved top-down pixel art perspective of the mid-90s.

It scratches that itch for nostalgia which burns within us all!

Airoheart features a huge new open world of extremes to explore, teeming with life, characters, and dangerous creatures...

To get players excited, a free time-limited demo has been made available via Steam, which can be downloaded and played through May 9th. Down below you’ll find an official teaser trailer for this amazing retro title:


Our story begins in the land of Engard, where our beloved hero Airoheart sets out on a journey to stop his brother's diabolical plan to unleash an ancient evil that has been sealed in the shadows for generations, and to trigger a war using the power of the Draoidh Stone.

Will you confront your own brother and stop him from executing his wicked plans?


Engage in real-time combat

Fight your way through dangerous monsters in real-time combat. Plant bombs, cast spells, drink potions, and overcome the dangers of Engard.

Journey through an enchanting open world

Discover a beautifully handcrafted retro-inspired pixel art world featuring an overhead perspective that will take you back in time. Immerse yourself in a vast and captivating world bursting with life and unique characters.

Conquer dungeons and solve puzzles

Acquire weapons and armor, and learn magical abilities to overcome complex puzzles and unlock new areas to explore. Navigate your way through murky dungeons and watch out for deadly traps and vicious enemies.

Embark on a quest to save the world

Unravel a tale of betrayal, tragedy and redemption piece by piece. Embark on an adventure to stop your brother from unleashing an ancient evil.