The LG V40 Will Feature A POLED Display, Snapdragon 845 & Dual-Camera Setup

Ramish Zafar

In the midst of all news for Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's 2018 iPhone upgrades, little information has surfaced for LG and the company's 2018 upgrade for the V-lineup of smartphones. The company hasn't seen much love from the smartphone market lately as it has struggled consistently over the past year or so.

With the LG G7, the company attempted to shake things up by bringing the smartphone under the umbrella of its ThinQ branding. Additionally, the LG V40 has also made sparse appearances on the rumor mill. Today, the good folks over at XDA developers have carried out a detailed investigation for the smartphone. Head over below for more details.

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Firmware Investigation Reveals A POLED Display For The LG V40 Alongside Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845

The results of today's firmware investigation are interesting, to say the least. They corroborate some expected features for the LG V40 but end up contradicting other reports. One of LG's differentiating point between its G and V smartphone lineups is the display. While the G series generally goes by with an LCD panel (as on the G7), the V lineup features POLED display panels (as found on the V35).

If you're wondering what a POLED display is, it's simply an AMOLED (Active-Matrix OLED) display with a plastic substrate instead of a glass one, allowing it greater flexibility. LG first introduced. the display panel on its G Flex in 2013. XDA's investigation reveals a device with the codename 'judypn'. 

judypn follows LG"s codenames for the G7 (judyln) and V35 (judyp) and features a POLED display, also found on the V35 as mentioned above. Another feature that hints towards the smartphone being the V40. is the presence of a Google Assitant button in the firmware as "hot1_key". Additionally, the model numbers for judypn are LM-400N, LM405N, and LM409N. However, this is where the similarities end.

Firmware Investigation Hints At A Dual Camera Setup For The Rumored LG V40, Contradicting Earlier Rumors

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has started a new trend for smartphones this year. By launching a smartphone with a rear triple camera setup, the company has marked new territory. One of the company's rumored so far to follow it this year is LG, as two separate reports for the LG V40 claim that the smartphone will feature a triple-rear camera setup. One of these goes as far as to list down the resolution for the lenses as 20+16+13MP, with one lens also supporting 'super wide-angle' image capture.

However, today's report begs to differ from this and other reports. According to this information, the LG V40 will feature a dual rear camera setup, with both lenses featuring Optical Image Stabilization. Additionally, the firmware also lists the smartphone with a single front camera, in direct opposition to the aforementioned reports.

Of course, as firmware investigation is a tricky business and the files at hand might represent older versions, things can be different on the actual LG V40 - a conclusion concurred on by XDA as well. A triple camera setup sounds interesting but we're also hoping that LG fixes some of the V35's problems, which include short battery times and overheating. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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