LG V40 Leak Details Triple-Camera Setup And An October Launch

Ramish Zafar

These days the majority of attention is focused either on Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup or Samsung's Galaxy Note 9. So today, we've got a lot of details for the LG V40. The Korean manufacturer has seen a bit of misfortune in the smartphone world lately, as its devices have continued to underperform. Forced into a corner, LG chose to rebrand this year's G7 and bring it under the umbrella of its ThinQ devices. Take a look below for details about the upcoming LG V40.

The LG V40 Will Feature A Triple Rear Camera Setup And Launch Later Than Its Predecessor

This year, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have made a large dent in the market. Whether it's pop-up front cameras or virtual fingerprint sensors, their ability to risk new technology has enticed a lot of users. As a result, heavyweights including Samsung and LG are feeling the heat. To counter this rising Chinese tide, Samsung is expected to launch three Galaxy S10 variants next year, with each device designed towards catering a specific sub-section of the high-end market.

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LG at the other hand has to consider both Samsung and Chinese brands. Today's report for the LG V40 brings into light the company's plans with both of these competitors in mind. Its details suggest that LG will launch the LG V40 in October after both Samsung and Apple are done with the Galaxy Note 9 and 2018 iPhone upgrades, respectively.

The alleged specifications for the LG V40 suggest that the company will beat Samsung by introducing a triple camera setup on the smartphone. This setup will feature lenses with resolutions of 20MP, 16MP, and 13MP. Furthermore, LG will also include 'super wide-angle' and 'super telephoto' lenses. At the front of the device, we'll get a display with 90% of screen-to-body ratio and a dual-camera setup. LG will also reduce the time between the smartphone's launch and its release according to an official who spoke with ETNews.

LG's taken a more passive approach this year, looking to avoid direct confrontation with Samsung. Now, these purported plans for the V40 suggest a similar approach in the year's second half. The company needs to rethink its design process, especially as Android really needs some good manufacturers. Samsung's Galaxy S9 lineup didn't do well, and leaks for the Note 9 do not paint a bright picture either. Will 2018 pave the way for the rise of Chinese smartphone manufacturers? We'll find out that's for sure. Till then stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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