LG Develops Magnetic Resonance Charging With 7W Power Rating; Feature To Appear On LG G6?


Taking a look at 2016's flagship smartphone launches so far, LG's been one company that has continued to impress quite bit of folks with regularity. The company flagship smartphone lineup and the LG G Flex 2 all come with impressive features on board, which separate them quite effectively from the rest of gadgets available out there. The LG G5 in particular came with an interesting modular design on board which not only expands the device's functionality by quite a bit, but also manages to make it one of the first devices to come with the feature.

LG Finalizes Smartphone With Magnetic Resonance Charging; Feature To Make It On G6?

Now, news straight out of LG's home country Korea suggests that the company has also perfected yet another feature for smartphones that should push things forward in the industry. Its now being reported that the Korean manufacturer has finalized a smartphone design with Magnetic Resonance Charging. Magnetic Resonance greatly enhances the range and power of wireless charging and should help make the feature more common among users out there.

Current wireless charging technologies use Magnetic Induction, which serves to be quite inefficient when compared to traditional plug and charge approaches. With Magnetic Resonance, LG hopes that wireless charging will increase in range for as long as 7 cm and increase the amount of power delivered to the device by 7W. The last bit is particularly important as it finally means that wireless charging will also be able to deliver quick results.


Not only will the company's latest developments in Magnetic Resonance greatly improve the features of its wireless charging but LG's also looking to bring the technology to other arenas as well. The company hopes to bring it to LG Pay Smart card as well, so the coming months should see some interesting launches from the Korean tech giant.

That being said, we're hoping that LG's perfected Magnetic Resonance to a point where the company is confident to introduce it in its flagship smartphone lineup. While current speculation expects the feature to make it in mid range devices, if its launch is successful, then there should be no concrete reason for LG to not inculcate it in its G lineup as well. Given that the LG G6's potential launch is only a couple of months shy of a full year, its too early to make any concrete assumptions. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated as this develops.