LG’s G6 Might Be Sold Through T-Mobile Starting From April 7

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With LG already taking pre-orders for its G6 in Korea (not to mention giving freebies with it), one question still remains; when is the device going to enter the United States? Turns out not that long because according to a leaked image, one carrier is going to start rolling out the flagship in a little over a month’s time.

Material Printed on Poster Lays Down Details That the G6 Is Going to Be Sold Through T-Mobile Starting From April

A marketing poster posted on Twitter shows that the G6 might be getting sold through T-Mobile starting from April 7. T-Mobile has been coming up with ridiculous deals as of late, including the one where you’re getting a free iPhone 7 if you switch to the carrier, so it will definitely not be a surprising approach if the carrier provides you with more incentives to switch to the G6. As an example, pre-ordering the LG G6 in Korea gives you the following freebies:

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  • One-year screen replacement service
  • Original smartphone case
  • Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Bluetooth neckbuds
  • Rolly Keyboard 2 Bluetooth keyboard

To help consumers purchase the LG G6, you can rest assure that there are several other freebies that could be offered by the company or through various carrier networks in order to help expedite the sales momentum of the Snapdragon 821-powered smartphone. Just to refresh your memory, United States is the largest smartphone market in terms of revenue and the company surely does not want to miss out on obtaining an extended user base there.

Unfortunately, the variant that will be available in the United States will provide support for wireless charging but will only be available with 32GB of native storage and will not support a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. If you are going to be buying the international version, then make sure it is compatible with your current network.


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