T-Mobile And AT&T Reveal The Pricing And Pre-order Details For LG G6 With Extra Offers

LG G6 6 things to know

LG G6 has been the show stopper at MWC 2017 event this year, but LG did not reveal much information regarding the pricing and availability of the device. However, US carriers broke their silence on LG's G6 and revealed important details regarding its availability and pricing in the region.

T-Mobile and AT&T have shared details about the device. T-Mobile will be putting up the device on sales shelves from April 7. It is expected that other carriers like AT&T and Verizon will also start selling the device on the same date as T-Mobile. Regarding the price, T-Mobile has priced it at $650, which is a little cheaper than Verizon's price quote that is $672. In addition to the overall pricing, the carriers will also be offering the LG G6 on monthly payments of $26/month divided into 24 months.

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AT&T will be listing the device for pre-orders from tomorrow. Other than the prices revealed by different carriers, we still don't know the retail pricing for the LG G6. We would like to bring it to your notice that among all the carriers, AT&T does not have a clear price chart - the monthly pricing is either $24/month for over 30 months or $24/month for more than 30 months. If we add up the monthly EMI then the final pricing comes to $720, which is highest pricing for the G6 by carriers.

In a bid to attract more buyers for the G6, T-Mobile, and AT&T will also be offering a free Google Home smart speakers to the early purchasers. Verizon and LG already announced the same scheme. However, it will only be limited to the ones who buy the G6 before April 30. In addition, AT&T will also be running a Buy One Get One scheme with the LG G6, which includes LG's latest Watch Sport at $49 with a two-year contract.

On similar grounds, Verizon is also rumoured to offer additional goodies to attract buyers. The carrier will be providing Google Home or LG TV to those who sign up for Verizon Unlimited plan. Regardless of which carrier you choose if you want to buy the G6, these additional offers do look impressive enough.

Amidst all the news about carrier-bound units of the LG G6, we are still waiting to know the pricing for the unlocked units. Stay tuned with us to know about it.

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